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  1. Hello! 
    I know! are you shocked? Just a week since my last blog post! - I will get used to this blog writing thing! 
    I am aiming for 3 blog posts a months - but weekly if i can - we will see how easy that is to stick to! 

    Recently i invested in some more expensive font sets - From a supplier who i fell in love with over a year ago.  I want to show you some comparision pictures to show you how a font really makes all the difference! Basic and cheaper fonts vs more expensive.




    On each image, the before is on the left and the after is on the right. Amazing right? The new fonts are so crisp and clean, look so much neater and are so much easier to use! Just goes to show that the font really does make all the difference and putting more money into the right set really is worth it! 

    That's it from me this time. 
    Love and Hugs
    Sarah x


  2. Hello! 
    I know it's been a while since i wrote a blog post, but i've been crazy busy! 
    The 14th of December we moved into our frist house - yes i am now a homeowner! This meant christmas was crazy busy this year and flew by without me really noticing. 

    A big HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! I know its *almost* the 1st of February and i'm a bit behind but i hope you all celebrated well and hope you have lots of plans for 2019! I certaintly have! 

    January Best Seller
    In January i decided to put a big offer on the page. The Love Link bracelet - a new line we introduced at a HUGE 50% off offer - Starting at just £5.00 each instead of £10.00 each. (£5.00 for 2 names, £6.00 for 3 names & £7.00 for 4 names) This offer was huge! Lots and lots of orders and i was very greatful that the Facebook page was flooded with lovely reviews and images of your bracelet! Heres just some of them! Unfortunatly this offer has ended now - but you can still grab your bracelet at the normal price (£10.00 for 2 names, £11.00 for 3 names & £12.00 for 4 names) 

    New Stock

    4 13 2

    NEW stock added this week! These bunnys are SUPER cute! Personalised with a handstamped name tag - and just £5.00! I have made a new BSL keyring - one to say thank you! I love making BSL items - these are unique to The Trinket Box and have made many people very happy! Another newbie this week is these pill boxes! You can have any wording you want too! 

    Thats it for this time! 
    Love & Hugs
    Sarah x