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  1. Today i want to talk about an inspirational woman who i have teamed up with! Mayameen waved her annonymity in That's Life magazine on the 27th of September 2018 with the headline: "Dad filmed himself having sex with me and that's not the worst of it. 


    Mayameen created She Can Consultancy which specialises in sexual violence and psychological trauma providing advocacy and consultancy, training and support for survivors. She is an amazing woman who has come through the other side and has started an amazing platform to help other people! You can also join her facebook group HERE

    How am i helping?
    I have worked together with Mayameen on some very special merchandise for her to sell on the website. A cuff bracelet, keyring and charm - available seperatly and as a bundle. You can purchase them HERE. A percentage of each sold will be donated back into the campaign she is running. 


    Pop over and support this amazing woman and her campaign. If you can donate (Either by buying the merchandise, or donating directly on the website) please do! If you can't donate right now you can support in other ways! Join her group, share her video and just be supportive in general! 

    Love & Hugs
    Sarah x

  2. Hello! 
    I have lots and lots to pack into this blog post - so it may be a long one today. It feels like its been a while since i wrote one of these posts. I really am going to try and update more often. I am having a "work from bed" day so thought this would be perfect timing to get a new post done! 

    Engagement Excitment

    35815000_10156591526019874_1931624943959670784_nJust realised i haven't officially announced this on my page, but i have exciting news! Back in June me and my *now Fiance* went to London. A planned trip to see Ed Sheeran and do lots and lots of sight seeing. To my surprise when we reached the top of the london eye Craig got down on one knee and asked me to be his Wife. Of course i said yes! We are now planning our Engagement Party - with lots of wedding planning to follow. A complete surprise, unexpected and with my Nans ring. Perfect Engagement! 


    Crafting With The Mister
    Given that i've always been into crafts and have been running my business for a good few years now it was only going to be a matter of time untill Craig gets into it too. He has invested in some new equipment and started personalising alsort of items. Last month he created his business: Shops Of Bits N Bobs. He started off personalising Metal Straws - With names, quotes & even business details! Perfect for your children, gifts, hen partys, wedding favours, business promo and more! Lots more products, designs and ideas to come!  


    Advent Calendar Pre-Order

    41770537_492309907951958_8683468276648378368_nHow do you fancy the idea of 24 items for £25 including postage? Thats less than £1.00 an item (after postage costs)!! Well thats just what you can get this year! 24 days on the run up to christmas will give you 24 suprises to open! Each door containing an item from The Trinket Box stock. Could contain: keyrings, bracelets, necklaces, token, charms and more! Every day a mystery! Now available for pre-order with a limited amount available! Get yours HERE



    That is it from me for today! Hopefully not too long untill the next post! 
    Love & Hugs
    Sarah x