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  1. 45You may have noticed lately that my page has gone a little Dog Crazy!

    It all started when one of my metal blank suppliers started making dog shapes. She started with 20 popular breeds. I ordered 5 breeds to start with just to see the reaction. Made one design, that was in mid-March, We are now in April, I have 18 breeds in stock out of the now 28 available!

    I didn’t realise how crazy for dogs you all are!
    Here is my very first dog make – A german shepherd dog shape with “This Human Belongs To..” and a heart tag with the dogs name. Both complete with the heart paw print design. 

    Within minutes of posting this design I had an inbox full of messages asking for various breeds, from Labradors to huskys, cockapoos to westies and more! I have tried my best to make as many breeds as possible, but some are not yet available. My supplier will tell you how much I have bugged her in the last few weeks and we are now on 28 breeds – that’s 8 new breeds since the beginning  AND there is more to come!

    I have now started on new ranges – Dog Name Magnets and Dog Name Keyrings.

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    If there is any breed you’d like to see that I don’t already cover please pop a comment on the post! I will get on to the supplier and see what we can do!

    Thank you for keeping me super busy.

  2. Hello to all readers!
    Welcome to my blog. After all these years of being in business I finally decided it was time to start a blog. It’s something that’s been on my mind for a while now, and I’ve got lists full of ideas on what to write about, but I’ve never known how to start it!

    1381983_170984093105023_304852101_n So, this is post number 1. An introduction to me.
    In case you don’t know me, the owner behind The Trinket Box. I’m Sarah, 27 years old and from Gloucester (UK). I started getting into crafts when I started a job at my local Hobbycraft – aged 17. I bounced from craft to craft and finally fell in love with jewellery making. Starting with beaded items and then when I realised my items didn’t stand out enough I moved on to Metal Stamping. I can now say I am a Metal Stamping Addict! After many years of stamping I am still excited when a new font set or new designs get released and I turn into a child at Christmas.  

    People often ask me where I get my ideas from. Most of them come from my customers! My customers inspire me every day, each new message gives me new ideas. My VIP group and Tester Group are always open to listening to my new ideas and always happy to share their opinions.

    I’m going to finish with a big welcome to the blog! Coming soon: gift guides, small business recommendations, customer photos & more!!

    Sarah x